Never in my life did I ever think I could hop on the Crossfit bandwagon…but here I am a month in and I actually get excited to go! Cameron and I joined a Crossfit gym in the beginning of September and have surprisingly become loyal, 6:30 p.m. class attendees. Shout out to my 6:30 squad! 

Cameron, my mom and I were out for some Mexican food (no surprise there), and Cameron’s childhood BFF/neighbor Michael came in and joined us. He works at the gym and basically sold us (actually, sold me) on joining while we stuffed our faces with chips and salsa among other Mexican delicacies. Somehow, I was super gung-ho about it, but Cameron had no choice but to go along with it if we wanted to get the membership deal for couples. And if you know us, we are major penny pinchers. 

This gym lets you come try out a class for free to see how you like it, and so we went. I was so intimidated when I walked in.

It wasn’t an option at that point to run away, despite my yearning desire to. I have this thing where if I know I’m not going to be good at something, I’d just rather not try at all. That’s what was happening here…same thing goes with cooking and the same thing that kept me from making this blog for the longest time!

I couldn’t hide because this class was a total of four people, including me and Cameron, so I had to go full force. I’m a little competitive like that. I guess I got a little too ahead of myself because I ended up coming near to passing out. You have to realize, I haven’t consistently worked out since the summer before my freshman year of college when I was hardcore into the group fitness classes at Gold’s Gym and thought my student membership was super dope. So yeah, Crossfit was quite a shock to my system. The coach basically told me I was done for the day, and he hoped I would come back. Kudos to him for not making me feel like crap about not being able to finish the class!

The next few days were consumed my extreme soreness and a lot of fear and anxiety to go back and give it another try. Cameron kinda bit the bullet for us when he went back (without me bc traffic sucks) and bought our membership.

Honestly, without Cameron I know I couldn’t have kept it up this long. He picks me up when I get home from work and we drive there together, but if he didn’t do that, I don’t know if I could get my lazy butt there. Also, he makes the socializing part better. I was super self-conscious, and still am to an extent, when we started but he kept reminding me that I wasn’t competing against anyone but myself. He’s also super great at making friends, so we’ve found our little niche there. Isn’t he just the best?

It’s been interesting to see how my attitude towards working out has changed. Crossfit isn’t as intense as I thought. Really it’s like a playground or jungle gym for adults. Sure, I have to modify A LOT of things, but I’m doing way more than I could ever do on my own. It also helps to have other people there pushing you to do your best. The gym is SO encouraging, and that’s also helped tons with my confidence issues. I’m feeling muscles in places I’ve never had before and my energy levels have increased a lot. I just feel so much stronger, and that leads me to one of my last things I want to touch on.

Screw the scale. Get it out of my sight. If I’ve struggled with one thing since starting my fitness journey, it’s not the heavy weights or the sore muscles, it’s with obsessively weighing myself. Despite my lack of exercise in college, I maintained pretty much the same weight – probably due to my strict routine and walking around campus a lot. I guess when I finally started exercising, I thought I would just shed a million pounds. That didn’t happen. And quite the opposite has happened. This is the most I have ever weighed! And most girls out there, and maybe guys too, will understand that this is a really defeating feeling! I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. My diet is relatively healthy and I watch my portions. How could incorporating exercise into my lifestyle make me gain weight?!

According to our coach, when you start a new regiment like crossfit, your body goes into kind of a survival mode and clings onto food, water, vitamins etc. It just takes time for your body to adjust. I’m really trying to make an effort to ignore the scale because does that number even matter? It’s not like I’m on The Biggest Loser or I’m trying to lose weight for health concerns. I’m just trying to be a more active human! Instead of using the scale as a guide for progress, I’ve taken photos and measurements to document my body’s changes.

The real mind shift happened when I realized I’m not working out to be skinny – I’m working out to be STRONG. I just want to kick booty at life, and with that I say, #screwthescale.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos, I don’t have a camera other than the one on my phone, so I need to figure out how to make those photos look less horrible on here. I’m no blogging guru here so enjoy the words!!!


What I’m Loving | September 2016

I plan to do a What I’m Loving post at the end of each month to recap my favorite shows, music, podcasts, products, experiences, etc. of the month. I love reading these myself and discovering new things, so I hope you enjoy what I’ve been loving this September!

ONE | Young House Love Has A Podcast

Somehow I stumbled across Young House Love in the past month and got hooked. The blog turned website follows the lives of married couple, John and Sherry, their two young children and their experiences with flipping their homes, designing products, writing books and more. While I don’t DIY myself, I find it so interesting to learn about.

John and Sherry don’t blog much anymore so the podcast came about! It’s the perfect length for my afternoon commute and is nice to listen to after I wear out my Spotify playlist at work. They feature super interesting tidbits about DIY and I love their “We’re Digging” segment… because I’m nosy. They release a new one every Monday. Give it a listen! If anything, Sherry’s voice is super soothing (she sounds like Mila Kunis!).

Always on the hunt for new podcasts, so let me know of any suggestions!

TWO | YouTube

Oh boy, my reoccurring YouTube obsession is at a major HIGH right now. I have some YouTubers that I’ve followed for quite some time now. I don’t know what it is, but beauty, fitness and lifestyle vlogs just relax and inspire me. I am truly so interested in the everyday lives of other people. Here are some of my all-time favorites/new favorites and a link to a recent video of theirs. As you’ll see, I’m not partial to any particular personality, each of these women are SO different.

College Prepster

Estée Lalonde

Kathleen Lights




Cameron and I have been binging on Impractical Jokers lately. It is SO cringe funny, and is literally always on TV. Also, season six of New Girl just started back and season two of Scream Queens started the same day. Feeling eh about Scream Queens so far, but New Girl hits it out of the park per usual. They are back-to-back Tuesday nights on Fox, how perfect! It’s pretty rare that I actually watch cable TV… I’m a Netflix/Hulu type of gal, but even then I hardly watch any shows at all, so it’s nice to come across shows that are fun and easy to watch.

FOUR | Crossfit

Cameron and I have been going to crossfit for over two weeks now. I’ll do a post just on crossfit in the coming weeks (bc I have a lot to say about it), but I just can’t believe we’ve kept up with it. We go as soon as I get home from work, and it’s finally starting to feel routine. We actually get excited to go, and if you know us, that is VERY surprising.

It just feels good to be moving, active and STRONG! To see how far I’ve come in just a little over two weeks makes me feel so accomplished.

FIVE | Wunderlist

I LOVE THIS APP. I’m so obsessed with lists. This free app allows you to link to your gmail account and build out lists of any sort. I haven’t linked it to my desktop, but it’s super nice to have the option. I’m definitely going more digital when it comes to my listing habit, and this is more user-friendly than using the Notes app on your iPhone. You can set reminders, due dates and if your sound is on, the noise it makes when you check off an item on your list is uber satisfying.

SIX | Bedtime Setting on iOS10

Look at you go, technology! I think this setting is SO cool. I don’t have a Fitbit or fitness tracker of any sort, so seeing my sleep patterns throughout the night is quite nifty. Also, I love the fact that you can set a reminder up to an hour before your scheduled bedtime. Funny, because I’ve had to set alarms in the past to tell me to go to bed or else I will just stay up all night. My mom made fun of me for that…

SEVEN | St. Lucia

Just. Obsessed. You know when you hear a band and like them, but you see them live and your life is changed? That’s what happened to me at Music Midtown. I so vividly remember them performing when I listen to their music now. And the romance between Jean-Philip Grobler and Patti Beranek (who are married <3) is so undeniably amazing.

EIGHT | Zen Sundays

I’m making this a thing. I want to dedicate one night a week to do all those beauty things that just get shoved to the side during the madness of the week. I’m talking face mask, paint those chipped nails (and take the time to actually make them look good), pluck those eyebrows, sugar scrub and I really want to try a hair mask. I just want to take a moment out of the week to unplug, relax and treat myself! Let me know if you have suggestions of other things to try!

What I’m Loving | September 2016

Musically Rejuvenated

Musically rejuvenated. That’s how I’m feeling after this past weekend at Music Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sarah and I made the trek from Clemson to ATL on Saturday morning, with a jam-packed playlist, a carefully scheduled itinerary and joyful spirits (no joke, the itinerary Sarah made for us even set aside time for bathroom and food breaks…we don’t mess around). We conquered Marta together, well Sarah did…I just followed along. And joined the rest of our new best friends for the weekend on the half mile walk from Midtown Station to Piedmont Park.

We knew the beginning of  Saturday would be slow, so we took that time to explore the festival grounds and stock up on some Island Noodles. The weather was gorgeous, with bright sunny skies…but hot, very hot. I probably drank at least seven bottles of water. One, to stay hydrated, and two, because it was free and beers were a whopping $8.


Over the course of Saturday, we had the pleasure of seeing City and Colour, DNCE, LOGIC, Leon Bridges, Band of Horses, G-Eazy, Beck, Collegrove (Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz) and Twenty One Pilots. I honestly can’t pick a favorite set from that day, they were all SO different. I will say I had a surprisingly good time watching DNCE, and it was pretty fantastic to reminisce on our early high school years at Lil Wayne. 


Sunday was going to be the better day of the two, with one issue. The weather. We knew there was a chance of rain, but we were mainly just hoping for the best. Well, that hope was crushed pretty early on when the skies broke loose on our walk to the park, which resulted in an impulse purchase of a $5 yellow pancho (aka garbage bag) from a guy on the street. Mine became a scoop neck edition and eventually the panchos literally got rained off of our bodies.


We started off the day seeing Daya, Peter Bjorn and John, St. Lucia (!!!) and Corinne Bailey Rae. How ironic that during the sunny Corinne, the skies REALLY decided to break loose. Torrential downpours. Tons of people huddled under the trees seeking some sort of coverage. I indulged in a $12 chicken finger basket while sitting on a tree root in the pouring rain. Truly a pathetic sight. Then the news came. We had to evacuate for a “weather emergency”. Keep in mind, it was raining badly, but to our knowledge we hadn’t heard thunder or seen lightning. The masses exited the park, and the majority stayed close by with hopes that we would eventually get let back in. Also, we had nowhere else to go, so we didn’t really have a choice.

It was absolute chaos! There were some people jumping in puddles, people climbing trees and a group of us belted into “When You Were Young”. If we weren’t going to be able to see The Killers that night, might as well do it for ourselves. Nobody knew what was going on and nobody’s phones worked because of the amount of people there. It was pretty wild.

There were a couple of false alarms when we thought we would get to go back in, then it finally became a reality after an hour in the rain! We all stormed the field and ran to the Electric Ballroom stage where James Bay was scheduled to perform. No sets were cancelled, just moved around and shortened…which was awesome! This did mean the day would end at 11 p.m. instead of 10 p.m., tears for Monday when work came around. Still trying to catch up on sleep… Also, our itinerary was thrown out the window, which is a little disheartening like the Type A planners that Sarah and I are.


We were up very close for James Bay, and ended the day seeing Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Kesha, Alabama Shakes and THE KILLERS! My favorite set of the day was obviously The Killers, but I surprisingly had an AMAZING time at Kesha throwing it back to 10th grade, and have a new favorite, St. Lucia. We ended the day with McDonald’s and a soggy, late night drive back to Clemson.


All in all, it was a fantastic weekend filled with dancing with abandon, singing off-key, basking in some of our favorite bands and discovering new favorite bands. 10/10 would recommend going and we hope to be back next year! It was my first music festival, and me and Sarah have decided to make it an annual thing!

One tip I do have is to use your phone sparingly! These are long days and you want your battery to last. We couldn’t believe the lines of people waiting to charge their phones at the stations located throughout the park! You are seeing some phenomenal live music, don’t watch it through the screen of your phone! I tried to get one picture or Snapchat video of each band I saw, but other than that it was two social media/texting free days. Plus, your phone is struggling to work anyways.

This week I’ve been stalking my favs on Insta (Patti Beranek and Jean-Philip Grobler from St. Lucia ❤) and creating a 9-5 grind playlist of the best songs I heard from the weekend to jam out with at work. Check it out on Spotify (username: _hgoodwin)!

More fun music stuff: Cameron and I went to see Brave Baby and Atlas Road Crew the weekend before last at Music Farm and it was so much fun! It’s so nice to hear live music every once in awhile and get some fresh inspiration. Also, a reasonably priced date night that didn’t solely involve going out to eat!

Thanks for stopping by!

Musically Rejuvenated

What am I doing here?


Welcome to my first blog post! You may be wondering the same thing as me, “what am I doing here?” Well, I created this blog seven months ago and did next to nothing with it because it wasn’t perfect. Well, screw that. The beautiful thing about blogs is that they are yours and yours to be imperfect. So here we are! I have no clue what I’m doing, but isn’t that exciting? I’ll be playing around with all the random features on here and figuring out what works, so please bear with the crazy.

Quick life recap:

  • I graduated from the University of South Carolina this past May (GO COCKS!).
  • My best friend Sarah and I went on a celebratory BFF cruise two days after graduation. We visited Cozumel, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Haiti. (14 years of friendship + graduation is something worth celebrating, right?!)
  • I moved to Atlanta for a summer public relations internship at the end of May.
  • I lived with my boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law in Atlanta and had a blast getting to know them and their kitties. I explored ATL, welcomed some fun visitors and had many amazing learning experiences at my internship.
  • I received a job offer in my hometown of Columbia and moved back home at the beginning of August.
  • Four months into this whole adulting thing, and I’m finally beginning to get the hang of it (keyword: beginning). I’m absolutely loving being near my friends, boyfriend and family, all while starting my career.

And that’s about the last four months summed up! Lots of exciting things happening, and even more exciting things to come. I’ve got a whole list (of course I do) of ideas to share with y’all! Hope to see you again.

What am I doing here?