What I’m Loving | November 2016

I’m writing this about a week late because it’s just now sinking it that it is actually December (Thanks for telling me I need to write this, Sarah). Don’t get me wrong, I’m PUMPED for Christmas (more than usual, actually), but November just flew by. I had to take a second and really think about what I loved about this past month, and here it is just for you!

ONE | A Low-Key Football Season

Just graduating this past May, this fall was my first football season as an alum! Pro: being able to enjoy my Saturdays without the stress of upcoming school projects and homework. Con: no more free tickets. That’s a big con. 

Cameron and I attended the South Carolina vs. Missouri game this November with one of our good friends, Steven! It was so much fun getting together and actually seeing our Gamecocks get a win. And I actually enjoyed being able to sit down during the game without being hassled about it – which would happen in the student section. Call me a granny, but I gotta take a break!


I only attended one other home game with my mom and sister, but other than that Cameron and I watched most of the games either from my living room or Buffalo Wild Wings. We are obsessed with that place. Snack size honey BBQ boneless wings, side of fries and a Blue Moon for me. Usually a Screamin’ Nacho Burger for him. And of course a Blue Moon. Best atmosphere and food for some football watchin’!

TWO | Knock Knock Pads

I’ve been high key eyeing these forever. On a trip to Home Goods to pick up a salt lamp for my office, I came across this pad and couldn’t resist. I hardly ever buy things for myself, but if there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s lists. It honestly helps me look forward to Monday when I can plan out my week so visually, AND it doubles as a mouse pad. Win. Win.

P.S. These would make a great last minute gift for the list makers in your life…I know I’m not the only one out there!

THREE | Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

It takes me forever to go through a bottle of face wash, so when it was time for a new one I was stoked. I just grabbed this one from Walmart knowing nothing about it, and let me tell you…it is AMAZING. So sudsy and it leaves your face with such a cooling sensation. It makes my face feel so clean, and I think it may actually be doing some blemish fighting too! Highly recommend.

Image result for biore blemish fighting ice cleanser

FOUR | A New Do

I needed a change. I’ve always been the type of person to just do whatever with my hair. I have no emotional attachment to the cut, color or style. Most of the time, I just go into my salon and tell my wonderful hairdresser to just do whatever. She probably hates me for that, sorry Leah. I just trust you.

I’m now brunette for the winter and I’m really feeling it! Here’s the only picture I have of it thus far. Shout out to Carly for being the most adorable little mommy-to-be ever.


FIVE | Blogs

I wanted to highlight one of my friend’s blogs because she’s doing such a fantastic job with it and we could all use some encouragement, right? Check out Ariana’s blog here. She’s such a fashionista and is literally killing the blog game. If you love fashion, adorable photos and just some fun lifestyle posts, this is a great one for you.

That’s it for now! I’m totally in the Christmas spirit currently and can’t believe it is less than 20 days away!!! In the meantime I’ll be finishing up some Christmas shopping, drinking all of the holiday coffees and trying to end 2016 with a bang.

Anything fun on your radar this past month? Let me know!

What I’m Loving | November 2016

What I’m Loving | September 2016

I plan to do a What I’m Loving post at the end of each month to recap my favorite shows, music, podcasts, products, experiences, etc. of the month. I love reading these myself and discovering new things, so I hope you enjoy what I’ve been loving this September!

ONE | Young House Love Has A Podcast

Somehow I stumbled across Young House Love in the past month and got hooked. The blog turned website follows the lives of married couple, John and Sherry, their two young children and their experiences with flipping their homes, designing products, writing books and more. While I don’t DIY myself, I find it so interesting to learn about.

John and Sherry don’t blog much anymore so the podcast came about! It’s the perfect length for my afternoon commute and is nice to listen to after I wear out my Spotify playlist at work. They feature super interesting tidbits about DIY and I love their “We’re Digging” segment… because I’m nosy. They release a new one every Monday. Give it a listen! If anything, Sherry’s voice is super soothing (she sounds like Mila Kunis!).

Always on the hunt for new podcasts, so let me know of any suggestions!

TWO | YouTube

Oh boy, my reoccurring YouTube obsession is at a major HIGH right now. I have some YouTubers that I’ve followed for quite some time now. I don’t know what it is, but beauty, fitness and lifestyle vlogs just relax and inspire me. I am truly so interested in the everyday lives of other people. Here are some of my all-time favorites/new favorites and a link to a recent video of theirs. As you’ll see, I’m not partial to any particular personality, each of these women are SO different.

College Prepster

Estée Lalonde

Kathleen Lights




Cameron and I have been binging on Impractical Jokers lately. It is SO cringe funny, and is literally always on TV. Also, season six of New Girl just started back and season two of Scream Queens started the same day. Feeling eh about Scream Queens so far, but New Girl hits it out of the park per usual. They are back-to-back Tuesday nights on Fox, how perfect! It’s pretty rare that I actually watch cable TV… I’m a Netflix/Hulu type of gal, but even then I hardly watch any shows at all, so it’s nice to come across shows that are fun and easy to watch.

FOUR | Crossfit

Cameron and I have been going to crossfit for over two weeks now. I’ll do a post just on crossfit in the coming weeks (bc I have a lot to say about it), but I just can’t believe we’ve kept up with it. We go as soon as I get home from work, and it’s finally starting to feel routine. We actually get excited to go, and if you know us, that is VERY surprising.

It just feels good to be moving, active and STRONG! To see how far I’ve come in just a little over two weeks makes me feel so accomplished.

FIVE | Wunderlist

I LOVE THIS APP. I’m so obsessed with lists. This free app allows you to link to your gmail account and build out lists of any sort. I haven’t linked it to my desktop, but it’s super nice to have the option. I’m definitely going more digital when it comes to my listing habit, and this is more user-friendly than using the Notes app on your iPhone. You can set reminders, due dates and if your sound is on, the noise it makes when you check off an item on your list is uber satisfying.

SIX | Bedtime Setting on iOS10

Look at you go, technology! I think this setting is SO cool. I don’t have a Fitbit or fitness tracker of any sort, so seeing my sleep patterns throughout the night is quite nifty. Also, I love the fact that you can set a reminder up to an hour before your scheduled bedtime. Funny, because I’ve had to set alarms in the past to tell me to go to bed or else I will just stay up all night. My mom made fun of me for that…

SEVEN | St. Lucia

Just. Obsessed. You know when you hear a band and like them, but you see them live and your life is changed? That’s what happened to me at Music Midtown. I so vividly remember them performing when I listen to their music now. And the romance between Jean-Philip Grobler and Patti Beranek (who are married <3) is so undeniably amazing.

EIGHT | Zen Sundays

I’m making this a thing. I want to dedicate one night a week to do all those beauty things that just get shoved to the side during the madness of the week. I’m talking face mask, paint those chipped nails (and take the time to actually make them look good), pluck those eyebrows, sugar scrub and I really want to try a hair mask. I just want to take a moment out of the week to unplug, relax and treat myself! Let me know if you have suggestions of other things to try!

What I’m Loving | September 2016