Stop and Smell the Roses

If you’re anything like me, you’re in go, go, go mode all the time. For as long as I can remember I’ve been that way and felt like I needed to do everything all at once. I’m constantly creating personal goals for myself, and as a fan of instant gratification (who isn’t these days?), I feel like I have to achieve all of those goals immediately.

Here’s a little reminder to myself and anyone else who experiences this intense desire to do it all, SLOW DOWN. STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Whatever it takes, just enjoy the process.

It’s great to have goals, and I’m thankful to be so goal-oriented, but part of achieving those goals is the process is takes to get there. Lately I’ve been trying to take it more slow and not be so hard on myself with these personal deadlines I assign my to-do’s. Does it really matter if I do my laundry a day later than I planned? Who’s going to care that I haven’t packed up those clothes from this past weekend when I cleaned out my closet? Nothing detrimental is going to happen if I put off scheduling that hair appointment a little longer.

Open up your windows and get some fresh air! Take notice of the leaves changing colors around you! Listen to a new song and really listen to the lyrics. Drink your coffee slowly, enjoy it and don’t guzzle it down to turbo-charge yourself into an actual human. Take your makeup off slowly and put it on slowly, and think of it as an art, rather than a chore.

What I’m trying to say is just enjoy the process of things and don’t be so stuck on the outcome. I’m challenging myself to try this, and just let go of the notion that I have to do it all. If you have the same issue, I challenge you to try this as well!

Take it easy, my friends!

Stop and Smell the Roses