Here’s the story…

It’s officially been a week since the most exciting, fun day ever.

What I thought was going to be a fun weekend filled with birthday and graduation celebrations for friends, turned out to be even more than I could have ever imagined. And I think that’s what caught me the most off guard, I was already having such a great weekend – this whole thing was just the cherry on top!

Last Sunday, December 11, my little, Kasey, invited Cameron and I to come to Greenville for her graduation dinner. I’ll never pass on an opportunity to day trip to the mountains, or to celebrate one of my favorite people, so of course we were in. She also suggested we go up earlier in the day with her and her boyfriend, Jake, to hit up some fun places and go to the mountains. Sounded perfect to me!

Jake and Kasey picked me and Cameron up and we started out on our little road trip – me and Kasey catching up in the back and Cameron and Jake DJ-ing and doing whatever in the front. It seemed totally normal. Nobody seemed weird or sketchy all day!

Kasey wanted to stop at her mom’s house to pick up her step dad’s nice camera to catch some good pictures when we went to Bald Rock that day, so we stopped by there. Her mom talked about what we would be having for dinner that night and what time we needed to be back, and then we headed out for our little double date day.

Around 4 p.m. we started our drive up to Bald Rock. Cameron and I did a day trip last year to Greenville and hung out on Bald Rock for a bit. The views are gorgeous and even though you’re only about an hour and a half away from Columbia, it feels so much further. It’s so nice.

We parked and grabbed the camera and rushed over to the rock to try to catch the sunset through the cloudiness of the afternoon. I snapped some pictures of Kasey and Jake and then we switched off. Here’s where it gets funny and SO typical. Cameron told me to look out over the ledge and flap my arms like a bird. He then proceeded to tell me he would run up behind me and it would be a super cool picture. At first, I told him how stupid that sounded, but he’s pretty stubborn so, whatever, I did it.


I didn’t want to get shoved off the ledge when he “ran up behind me for the picture” so I turned around and totally was not expecting to see my cute boyfriend down on one knee.

I can’t explain to ya’ll how shocked and excited I was. I couldn’t even cry I was so shocked. I just kept saying, “are you serious?” and “is this for real?”. So romantic, Hannah, geez.

It was perfect.


It only then sunk in that there was no graduation dinner and this whole day was planned around this proposal happening. They all really got me and I couldn’t believe how our families had been in on the whole thing and I hadn’t caught on. Cue me freaking out on this mountain about how they all lied to me all day.

I’m still trying to piece together how they pulled it off and all of the comments that I should’ve caught on to. Like how Kasey told me to dress “snappy casual” and how my mom suggested we go get manicures a couple weeks ago. My scarf actually had spaghetti stains on it and my nails weren’t done because I passed on that mani. I obviously wasn’t expecting it – and that’s what I love about it.


It will always be one of my favorite memories and I am so thankful Cameron asked my little to be a part of it. Kasey, thank you so much for helping Cameron and for sacrificing your graduation weekend to celebrate me.


I could say Christmas came early this year, but my favorite gift has been by my side for the past five years – here’s to starting this new season in our lives as an engaged couple. Can’t wait to be Mrs. Cameron Armistead!



Here’s the story…