It’s ok to feel unsettled


Hi everyone! Long time, no talk. Just popping in on here to provide a quick life update and hopefully give myself some accountability to get back to posting on here.

Since the last time I posted (2 months ago), a good bit has happened! I’ve begun wedding planning, we started a new year, Cameron and I moved in together – lots and lots of changes!

I’m weird because I have a love/hate relationship with change. On one hand, I love it because I love growing and adapting but on the other hand I despise it because I want to instantly get back into the groove. And friends, it just doesn’t happen that way!

Moving, even if it isn’t a far distance, is a lot of work! Not just the packing and unpacking and carrying loads of boxes. But the actual act of sharing a space with a person (and a crazy cat). And trying to go with the flow when you have not one but TWO washer/dryer sets fail you and you are forced to purchase a brand new set. And facing your unhealthy anxiety of raw meat and trying to get your fiance to teach you how to cook (I’m trying!). And trying to loosen up and be less of a Type A clean freak.

What I’m trying to say is that when you’re faced with a lot of change, no matter how significant, it is easy to feel unsettled. And while that has brought me a good bit of stress, I’m trying to teach myself that not everything needs to be settled and perfect instantly. Not every picture has to be hung. We don’t have to have every kitchen utensil (heck, I don’t even cook). Everything doesn’t have to have be so put together.

Being unsettled is beautiful. It is messy. It is exciting. You are plucked from the comforts of your routines and given the opportunity to change and grow from it!

This post is for any of you who are unsettled by the idea of being unsettled, and this post is for me. I’m working on enjoying this process of settling in and creating new routines, new “normals” and new traditions. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had an absolute blast so far! From our weekly grocery shopping dates on Sundays to our nightly Netflix indulging in The Office, coming home to one another has been absolutely wonderful.

I’m really loving this home we’re creating together.

Happy Saturday, friends! Get out of your comfort zone this weekend and do something that unsettles you a bit. Shake it up!

See you soon!

P.S. I’ve been brainstorming a new approach to this blog – how I can narrow my focus and make my posts more intentional. If there are any posts you’d like to see, feel free to reach out! Excited to get this space back up and blooming 🙂 


It’s ok to feel unsettled

The Dreaded Slump

The past couple weeks or so I’ve been in a slump. Do you know what I mean? A rut. A funk. Whatever you want to call it… I’ve just felt off my game.

I’m not quite sure how it came about, but the other day I just acknowledged it and asked some people around me about it and they were feeling the same way! I thought maybe my daily routine was becoming too mundane, or maybe I was starting my days off with a negative mindset. All in all, I haven’t felt too inspired and just… blah.

So, I wanted to do something about it! I asked some people around me what they thought about the slump, and how to get out of it and our thoughts boiled down to this:

  1. Just acknowledge that it’s a slump! It’s only temporary.
  2. Use this as a way to figure out what isn’t working in your routine and find ways to spruce it up!
  3. Be mindful of the media you consume. (I don’t know about ya’ll but all this election talk seriously overwhelms me… this could definitely be a source of this slumpy feeling)

Here’s what I’ve been trying to implement to overcome this little slump. Any other ideas that help – feel free to comment!

  1. Post on the blog more regularly! Hopefully weekly. It makes me so excited to write just for fun and to share what’s on my mind.
  2. Try to read more. I think reading does so much good for the mind, and is definitely a great way to stay inspired.
  3. Be more intentional with my nightly routine. I can’t tell ya’ll how many times I fell asleep with my lights on over the past couple of weeks. I’m really trying harder to unwind at the end of the day, so my next day is a fresh start… not a hazy blur because I was too lazy to prepare the night before.
  4. Incorporate some spontaneity into the week! As a frugal gal, I try to pack my lunch every day, but sometimes you just gotta get out of the office! Something as simple as going out to lunch or dinner during the week makes a big difference in my mood.
  5. Get off social media. I’ve been trying to unplug more, but I’ll admit… it’s tough. It’s just such a time waster and often makes me feel quite discouraged. Less screen time = more in-person time.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps if you’ve experienced the same feeling!

The Dreaded Slump