What I’m Loving | October 2016

Can we all agree that October went as fast as it came? Time flies! Life is somewhat getting into a rhythm and it feels good to have things settling into place and have some time to discover cool things like I’ve listed below!

ONE | Podcasts

The Minimalists podcast

This podcast was recommended to me a few weeks ago and I’ve been listening to it nonstop since. The episodes are lengthy but I usually listen while getting ready for work and during my morning commute. It’s a great way to start your morning! The conversations are really intellectually stimulating for anyone interested in minimalism. And while many people tend to think that minimalism only pertains to clothes or personal belongings, it totally doesn’t! It’s all about living with intention.


Another great podcast that I stumbled upon via Pinterest! This one is super raw, honest, and just what a gal, or guy, in their twenties needs to hear. I just finished listening to the first season and am excited to dive into the second. Great listen for anyone who’s feeling a little bogged down in this new post-grad life. I often find myself almost saying out loud, “girl, I feel you”, almost every episode. May or may not have almost cried on my way to work listening to it…

TWO | Netflix

New Girl | Remember last month when I said I was excited for season six of New Girl? Well, I didn’t realize i hadn’t seen season five yet! Cameron and I have been watching an episode…or two…or sometimes three at night and it has been the best season yet, in my opinion. Zooey Deschanel is goals.

Fixer Upper | Love. I watched a lot of this over the summer, but got my mom hooked a week or so ago and I’ve been indulging in it. Something about the show just soothes me. Don’t know if it’s Joanna’s design style, the adorable chemistry between Chip and Jo or the shocking transformations they are capable of…I love it all. Also, can I just say I have major style envy of Joanna?  Her outfits are so classic and effortless!

Side note: has anyone read Chip and Jo’s new book? I want to know if it’s worth the read!

THREE | #Project333

I did a MAJOR closet clean out this month. I’m talking six trash bags worth of stuff to donate. While that felt good, it was also pretty upsetting that I even owned that much stuff…some items still had tags on them and I wondered why I ever bought them! I’ve been following the #Project333 trend for a while now and am really interested in giving it a go! (Haven’t heard of it? Read this.) Definitely would create my own rules, though. No need to be extra strict. I like how it challenges you to be creative with your outfits.

I made a shopping list for a few key items to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall/winter and I was very deliberate with what I chose. I want to challenge myself to really invest in versatile pieces and actually love everything in my closet. However, I’m wondering if I even need any true fall or winter pieces seeing as tomorrow is November and it’s 80 degrees out. Womp womp.

What has been on your radar this October? I’m always on the hunt for something new and inspiring, so let me know if there’s something you’ve been loving.

Thanks for reading and cheers to the fresh start of a new month!

What I’m Loving | October 2016