Like books? Love lists? This one’s for you.


As you may have seen here, I recently got hooked on Estée Lalonde. Just around the time I started following her, I realized she was about to have her book Bloom released. I ordered the book the day it was released and was super excited to dive in.

Admittedly, I’m not a bookworm…I want to be! But I just can never find the types of books that really speak to me. Bloom, however, was amazing. I curled up with it on a rainy Saturday morning and before I realized, I was halfway done! After that, I paced myself because I didn’t want it to end and finished it this past weekend.

It’s aesthetically pleasing with gorgeous photos, the content is varied and there are LISTS! I don’t consider myself to be fashionable or into beauty necessarily, but she approaches those things in a totally different light. The whole book essentially is how to build your personal brand and navigate your life in the way that works best for you.

I highly recommend! If anyone has any book suggestions that are anything like this, please let me know! I would love to get into reading more.

Estée is ALL about relaxation. One of the lists she included in the book was her “Legal Highs”. The simple things in life that are an instant pick-me-ups. I decided to make a list of my own. You should do it too! It’s a great way to reflect on the little things in life that really can make a huge, positive impact on your day.

My Legal Highs

  1. Sleeping in a cold room with lots of blankets
  2. Putting on my comfy clothes and putting my hair up after a long day (bonus points if I have my favorite headband on)
  3. The feeling of sun hitting your skin…especially after a cloudy bout
  4. The smell of coffee brewing (it is truly intoxicating to me)
  5. Getting a new haircut
  6. Getting chills from a really great song
  7. The smell of grills in the summer and campfires in the winter
  8. A good back scratch or massage
  9. A perfectly organized space
  10. Having slow mornings on the weekends

Thanks for reading! See you next week for my October favorites!

Like books? Love lists? This one’s for you.